The management, organization and structuring of electronic documents are indispensable for the development of quality projects. To optimize the results and add value to many enterprises, the Ortalc Engenharia uses the project management system GED, a set of technologies (hardware and specific software) that enables intelligent and interactive management of developed projects. This system allows interaction between all parties and disciplines involved in the projects, enabling the development and interaction of schedules and lists of documents, accessible "online" via computer (Windows or OS X) "tablet" and/or "smarthphone" (Android or iOS) at any time. With the Electronic Document Management it's possible to determine the type of access, offering different permissions for each user.

Mission, Vision and Values

We summarize here our values​​, our mission and our vision. Elements that are part of our way of being, which are a reflection of our way of thinking and guide the way we act.


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